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What to Wear

A photographer’s dream… color, color, color and more color.  But not necessarily in that order or quantity!  The hardest part of the equation is mixing it all together artfully, so it doesn’t look like a crayola box threw up all over your family.  The key to combining a good multi-person wardrobe is to find one or two common colors and make sure they show up somewhere in most or all of the pieces. 

Click here for my Spring 2010 wardrobe suggestions from Old Navy.

For instance, if you want blue, don’t dress the whole family in solid blue.  Instead, pick several shades and patterns and mix them together.  Check out this family for inspiration!  Blue shows up in all of the outfits, but they don’t look like a family of Smurfs.  It’s all in the presentation:


Sometimes if everyone wears the same color shirt, the group tends to blend together so much that you can’t tell one person from the next.  Except, of course, for all of the floating heads in a sea of white clothing 🙂  Here is a good example of being monochromatic without losing the individuals:


But you don’t have to do the same color or even pick a common color! Here is a great example of how a lot of different colors can look great together.  It gives personality but doesn’t clash.  It’s a great way to make sure each person “pops” in the pictures. :


If you work too hard and integrate a ton of pattern into each person, it’s too much.  But a couple of people in solid colors that play off the colors in another person’s plaid shirt will look great!

Denim always looks great in pictures, but any solid colored pant works well. 

Pick out a fun accessory (a great hat or colorful shoes) that doesn’t really match at all.  You’ll be surprised how cute it looks on camera!

Don’t feel like you have to run out and buy all new clothing.  Go through what you have and put things together in a different way than you ever have before.  The most important thing is to have fun with it.  If you don’t feel comfortable, throw a few ideas into a laundry basket and bring it to the shoot… I’ll pick for you!   Just let me know if that’s how you want to play it so we make sure to integrate outfit-planning time into our session schedule.

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