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It’s a baby and a giveaway!! | Warren Newborn Photographer

March 15, 2010

I am finishing up my first real newborn shoot from this weekend (I once took a child hostage while mom was at the grocery store…see more here) and it’s SOOOO cute!  I was searching all over for pants with a monkey face on the bottom but never found them.  Then I got to my best pal Rachel’s house for the shoot, and she had just received them as a gift the day before… um, awesome! 

Here is a preview of the fun we had:


By the way, I love love love love the new fake barnwood rugs I got.  I know they are old news in the world of photography, but they were a fun prop for this little newbie.  They are the perfect size for kid shots, and when my brother saw the shots he wanted to know where we took the pictures.  When I told him Rachel’s kitchen table, he was all, “What?” 

And I’m all, “Yeah!” 

And he’s all, “Shut up!” 

And I’m all, “For reals, dude!”

DISCLAIMER: We are incredibly eloquent, well-spoken and intelligent children.  We do not intentionally bring shame to our English/Creative Writing-teaching mother.  I know the meaning of the word “superfluous”.  But sometimes “dude” is the only word that fits.  And I think it a much more suitable affectation of speech than other 4-letter words floating around today, don’t you? 


CHECK IT OUT!  For all photogs out there, be sure to check out this great giveaway from The Savvy Photographer and Willette!  It’s a great way to jumpstart some income for the Spring, and all the mommies in your world will LOVE it!  Come to think of it, the daddies in your world will love it because it’s a fabulous gift for Mother’s Day.  Suggest pairing this session with a new outfit for mommy and she will be a happy lady!!

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