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i ♥ faces – Fix-it Fridays

March 6, 2010

It’s another Fix-It Friday at i ♥ faces, so here is my submission..

The before shot:


The after:


How I got there:



The first thing I did was create a Levels adjustment layer, adjusting the blacks to 26 and the grays to 1.08.  This darkened up the contrast and made the purple and turquoise in the sweater deeper.


Next I used the Yin/Yang action from Totally Rad Actions.  On the Yin(Darker) mask, I painted over the left side of the face and all of the background with a soft-edged brush set to 36% opacity, going over it twice to deepen the color.  Then I used the Yang(Lighter) mask, painting with the same 36% opacity brush.


Next, to warm up the color of the face, I used the Warm It Up Kris action from Totally Rad Actions, and lowered the opacity 41%. 


Next I added a Lens Flare filter, with the Lens Type set to 50-300mm prime and the brightness set to 128%.  This makes it look more like the exposure was on purpose.


Then I added a Gradient Map adjustment layer, set to Black & White.  Then I lowered the opacity of the later to 60% to create a desaturated look.


I added a Solid Color adjustment layer in gray (C:67, M:63, Y:56, K:44) set to Overlay.  I then painted an oval on the mask with a soft-edged brush set to 75% opacity to create a burnt edge look.


The last step was to flatten the layers and run the Smart Sharpen filter.  I set the amount to 159% and the radius to 0.7 pixels.


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