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Fall Family Fun (say that 6 times fast)

November 23, 2009

My friend Jenny is going to single-handedly help me launch my photography business!  She and her husband are a great pair, and they have three super-fun, energetic, creative children.  Jenny’s mom hired me to take pictures of her 4 kids and their families, but we actually only got to 3 of the families this day.

We had a great time traipsing around my favorite spot of the summer, George George Park.  But they were adventurous enough to go with me all the way to the back of the park, which was a pretty serious hike.  We got one of the last days with great color on the trees, and this family could not have been more fun or more easygoing.  There’s a lot of joy going on here…



DSC_0013 8x10


DSC_0040 bw

DSC_0041 heartland




This is a picture of all the kids with Jenny’s sister, Kathleen. She lives with them, so they wanted pictures with their favorite aunt/roommate!

DSC_0101 8x10

And now, an epic leaf battle for the ages…

DSC_0159 bw

DSC_0155 bw


DSC_0174 bw


DSC_0176 bw 8x10


DSC_0180 bw

DSC_0207 bw 8x10

DSC_0227 bw

Next, they turn on you…

DSC_0234 bw

DSC_0236 bw

DSC_0237 bw

And then they all point and laugh…

DSC_0239 bw

Aunt Kathleen has the gift of leaf levitation…

DSC_0260 70s

Little Dude is completely lovely, inside and out.


Ahead: Super gorgeous picture

DSC_0347 bw

Little Dude hated wearing this sweatshirt because the collar bugged him. Jenny said, “If we want to capture realism, we better strip him down to his underpants and let him run around. That’s pretty much all he wants to wear.”


You see, this fountain is sort of off limits. So what we got going on here is a little felony. But kids are cute and no one seemed bothered that we in the fountain, so we went with the flow…


Look, I got in one! And my butt is wet! Awesome…



DSC_0459 8x10

DSC_0462 bw

Look at these sweet freckles! I’m consumed with jealousy.



This is an all-time favorite

DSC_0531 70s






DSC_0586 heartland




Kristen and her handsome boy



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