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Senior Pho-tos

October 19, 2009

First, my absense from posting is shameful. I’ll try to rectify that situation, but I can’t promise anything.  I’ve found my commitment to blog posting is a bit of a roller coaster of emotion.  Actually, I’ll be honest, I had this really cute blog topics list that I found on the website of one of my favorite design blogs, Erin Vale Design.  I had the list going, and I was getting really good at pre-posting so that I was covered for a few days in the future… then (oh, the horror!) I lost the list. 

Apparently I am a list person.  As a woman who lived through 3 decades believing herself to be footloose and fancy free, this was an interesting development.  It’s like I’ve never met me. 

*sighs and reminds self that no one is reading this mindless drivel anyway*

Anyhoo… onto the pho-tos!  I got the opportunity to do my very first senior portrait shoot, and my model/sucker was none other than my beautiful friend, Marquel.  The name is not the only unique thing about this amazing girl.  I love everything about her… she’s fresh, she’s real, she’s totally rad and she rocks a pair of red Converse like no one I’ve seen.

The family attends my church, so I know them really well.  Her mom, Lisa, plays softball with me in my summer league and she came along on our little adventure.  We decided to go for a gritty, urban theme, so we headed off for downtown Birmingham, which is kind of a hamlet of sophistication and class amid all the other crap that is Detroit.  Lisa and Marky were so fun and completely up for the adventure.  Lisa deemed herself my assistant for the afternoon, and proceeded to schlep my gear all over the place and scope out good spots. 

And let me tell you what… when the day starts with free parking, it can only get better!


DSC_0055 70s

Marky and I have the unique ability to find the most inappropriate thing in the general vicinity and capitalize on the sheer ook-i-ness of it. Botox for the male pectoral? Interesting…




Here is where we stumbled upon a back alley behind some businesses that turned out to be one of the prettiest spots EVER!! Of course, it was also the back entrance of a photography studio, but they were closed for the day and I felt no shame using their back porch for my own personal gain. Not true… I spent the whole time waiting to get caught. But it was fun!






DSC_0277 bw

America’s Next Top Model…



DSC_0468 desat

DSC_0483 bw


DSC_0659 desat


DSC_0758 70s



Seriously, could she be cuter? I think not.

DSC_0933 70s

And of course, the kicks.


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  1. Jenell permalink
    October 24, 2009 2:01 pm

    Well, I’M reading your mindless drivel and enjoying every morsel!

    You are so right, Marquel could not be more beautiful!

    I find myself scrolling through all of your photos, first with goosebumps, next come the smiles, and finally, the lump in my throat…in part for the beauty you’ve captured on the faces of your subjects, and also for the pride and love I have for you.

    You go, girl!

    Love & prayers,

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