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Destination Photography

September 29, 2009

That’s right, I am officially a traveling photographer now.  Exotic locales… faraway lands…  For instance, this weekend I went to Columbus, Ohio. 

Come now, hold yourself together.   No need to let the ugly green monster of jealousy rear it’s head.

If you’ll recall the inherent adorable-ness of my friend Dana’s kids, A1 to A4 (proof here), travel with me to take pictures of the whole family.  Dana’s mother-in-law, MaMaw, requested that I come down and get evidence that there isn’t a dud in this entire group of grandkids.  That’s not exactly what she said, but she knows it.  Seriously  Cute is a grevious understatement.

The trip involved me traveling in the mini van with Dana, her husband David, A1-A4, and every Disney movie known to man.  And I loved it.  The kids are awesome in the car, DVD players are the greatest thing car manufacturers ever installed, and who doesn’t love going on road trips with some of your best pals? 

Then I cried during the Hannah Montana movie and tried to pass it off as a bout with allergies.

The first place we went was David’s sister’s house where she was prepping for an 8-year-old birthday party for her daughter, Miss M.  While Kristen did some grocery shopping, Dana and I got ahold of 2-month-old baby J and took some really fun pictures.  Kristen was so happy and she cried when she saw them!  It makes me so happy to see my clients happy!

Here are a couple of the winners:

This one was so funny because we were trying to rush before she came home. I went upstairs to scavenge for kids books to put on the shelf and I found what turned out to be Matt’s (baby J’s dad) childhood books! Who knew? It was really special when she saw that.

IMG_4544 bw


IMG_4577 bw

IMG_4568 70s

Now, Kristen also has my dream doggie, a big ole’ Great Dane named Gatsby. And he’s amazing and sweet and loves to snuggle. Here’s the dog I would have tried to smuggle home if he weren’t the size of a refrigerator…



She also has a lovely little Rhodesian Ridgeback named Daisy…


Precious poochie heaven.

On to family picture time. I was pretty pumped about getting 18 people (9 children) with 3 costume changes done in 2 hours! It was a feat of epic proportions helped in great measure by the fact that all the kids were SOOO good. It was a blessing for sure. After some serious stress the night before caused by a malfunctioning computer (which compounded with the loss of my camera and the subsequent borrowing of the equipment used for this weekend of pho-tos) we got it together and worked it out. 

And it was fierce.  (Can you tell Project Runway is back?)

IMG_5601 sepia
MaMaw and PaPaw

Dana and David

IMG_5637 bw
David & Dana with A1 – A4

Another of the studly baby J

IMG_5720 bw
Best picture of the day


IMG_5766 BW
MaMaw, PaPaw and all the babies. A4’s face (front, center) is completely priceless.

IMG_5822 bw


IMG_6086 bw
Tanya and Arvin’s beautiful family


IMG_6190 bw
Matt and little man J

IMG_6256 bw

Kristen & Matt’s family

M & J

The whole family in Buckeye gear


We barely got this one… it was the end of the day and we were quickly losing focus

And one last one of David and his boys


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  1. October 8, 2009 3:32 pm

    Those are amazing pictures of the baby on the shelf and cabinet. I love them. How cute!

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