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Labor Day – Part 1

September 17, 2009

This past Labor Day we lived out our annual tradition (I don’t know if 3 years counts as tradition, but whatever) of heading to Cincinnati for the Nazarene National Softball Tournament. We get a great hotel and lots of the families go.  A couple of years ago we saw Kerri Walsh (Olympic volleyball player) who just happened to be staying in the room directly across from ours!  We always have a great time together.

The team of guys is one of the best groups of fellas I’ve ever seen.  They all have great attitudes and get along really well.  This win the sportsmanship award at every tournament they enter, and I know they are a great example of Christ to every team they play.  We usually have a pretty good crowd, we cheer loud and are very proud to be associated with them. 


Alex 2

Coach & Chad

Rob 6

Matt 5

Brett 11

Allen 5

Matt S 4

Chad 4

Allen 4

Coach & Matt S

Timmy 4

Brett 8

David 2

Dugout 2

The Fans

Alex & Rob

Derek 2

Boys 2

Brett & Alex

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