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Seattle Part 3 – Sights to See

August 14, 2009

Here are just some of my favorite pictures from all around the town.  Have I mentioned that I love Seattle??

This first set of goodies is from Fisherman’s Terminal, the marina used by all of the commercial fisherman coming in and out of Seattle to sell their catch.  They had one of the boats from “Deadliest Catch” on display, but I couldn’t get over to it before it was time to leave.  They have some excellent restaurants on the terminal, too… Chinook’s is a fabulous place for seafood and I highly recommend the tuna burger with wasabi mustard. They also have the Bay Cafe, which has a great big breakfast and down-home atmosphere.  My grandma and I loved eating there together and it will always be a place that reminds me of her. 


This one is a boat that I took a picture of last time I was in Seattle, and I took another one for nostalgia. 

This is a really cool statue in honor of all the fisherman who have lost their lives on the high seas over the years.  There are some ornate metal fish carved into the side of the base and people leave bunches of flowers in memory of their loved ones.  It’s one of those spots that make you get really quiet and think about the magnitude of the danger these guys are in every day.

Now onto some photos from Pike Place Market and some other spots around town.  It’s okay if you want to book a flight out.  I’ll give you my aunt’s number and she can recommend some stuff to do 🙂

Here is my brother with Rachel, the giant metal piggy bank at the entrance to Pike Place.

Some smaller piggy banks…

The Seattle Art Museum (SAM)

Statue of Lenin (Vladimir, not John…note the spelling!) imported to Fremont, Washington directly from the Soviet Union.  Yeah, Fremont is weird.

And this is an ABC television station that stands in as the set for Grey’s Anatomy’s Seattle Grace Hospital outdoor shots. 

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