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Seattle Part 2 – U District Street Fair

August 13, 2009

Seattle is a city filled with beatniks, weirdos, crafty folks, coffee addicts, foodies, artists, yuppies, homeless, wealthy, nerds…. in essence, a HUGE melting pot.  It has so many things to offer to so many.  For instance, there is a large homeless population due to the year-round pleasant weather (never gets above 80 degrees and never dips below 40).  There is a large art museum, several theaters, public art is encouraged and celebrated, and there are lots of specialty art studios.  The presence of Microsoft insures there is plenty of geekery running amok.  Paul Allen’s renovation of several landmarks, as well as the presence of large architectural firms, means the architecture is impressive all over the downtown and surrounding areas.  There is a University and many expansive hospitals, so the educated crowd is present.  It’s really a town with lots to offer. 

One of the things we most enjoyed while we visited was a street fair.  Held in the University District, right at the University of Washington, the fair draws vendors from all over the area.  Here are some shots as we wandered around:

These are beads and necklaces on sale at a booth.

Can’t go anywhere without encountering activist or advertising posters plastered across the entire surface of something!


And we should all embrace the lemon.  Obviously.


These are some nifty little birdhouses.  Once we got closer I saw he made the perches out of found objects like forks, paintbrushes, faucets and spoons.  So bright and whimsical… I just didn’t have the space in my suitcase to bring one home.

Oh, and of course some hippie hats…

 Now, onto the food.  The caramel cashews were the only purchase I made, and also the single greatest pleasure I have ever known.  Keep in mind I am not yet married, so they will remain so until proven otherwise.  The strawberry kebobs are called “Dingleberries” but I never ended up getting one.  Lots of tasty flavors layered on those bad boys, though.


And last, but CERTAINLY not least… the strange sights to be seen on the streets of Seattle:

Street performers.  The chick with the fire just sort of spun the batons around and didn’t do anything cool except avoid being caught on fire.  And the bird lady just swooped around and acted weird.  And they had a guy standing there with a bucket of water just in case.  And a giant circle of people around them that were fooled into thinking it was going to be a rad show.  Suckers.

And Slash is apparently wandering the streets of Seattle seeking spare change. 

The Seattle Bag Monster.  I think his superpower is frightening children into recycling.

Weird dude.  Yes, it’s a guy.  He is wearing a UW cheerleading skirt and a woman’s sparkly top.  And he has a PVC pipe sculpture of some sort.  And he stopped to dance every once in a while and talked to himself in varying hushed and non-hushed tones.  Everything I could have expected or dreamed of from the street fair.

And finally, a Seattle tradition… the Honey Bucket.  It’s a giant receptacle for poo.  And it’s as tall as I am.  And it’s full of poo.  And it’s called a Honey Bucket.  There’s nothing about this that isn’t repellant and hilarious at once.

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