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First Official-ish Pho-to Shoot. Sort of. Hey-O!

August 4, 2009

Okay, so one of my besties, R, is currently pregnant with the fourth in her line of super-spawn.  These kids are so cute, it borders on indecent.  They are so smart, my brain hurts.  They are so funny, my bladder shudders when they come near.  Fair warning.

So, with mama down for the count as “The Bean” (the baby) makes her tummy reverse direction several times daily, I offered to take the monkeys out for a photo session.  The motive was tri-fold… 

  1. I love her kids. You should hear them call me “Aunt Beffy”.  Muy delicioso.
  2. Good opportunity to practice taking “pho-tos” (say it slow, with a lot of emphasis on each syllable.  It sounds more epic)
  3. R needed a day off and I like keeping the besties happy!

Me likey the kids.  Me likey the pho-tos.  Hope you likey, too.







Throwing pennies in the fountain.  So serious.  So focused.  So freaking awesome.







Officially my screen background…

Shout out to my pops for the stellar green grass in his front lawn. 

Shout out to moms for helping keep the kids busy while I climbed ladders. 

Shout out to R for successfully keeping breakfast down that day for the first time in weeks.  I like to think it’s all because of me, but I think the doctor that prescribed the anti-nausea medication would beg to differ.  Whatever, dude.



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